Friday, 5 March 2021

Engineer's Week


We’re delighted to be back in school! It was made even more exciting because this week is engineer’s week. We did lots of fun activities.

On Monday we watched the Silly Billy science show and got to have a virtual look inside the International Space Station. Many of us thought it would be great fun to be an astronaut.

Over the week we designed and build lego houses in our groups.

On Friday we learned about air-resistance and made parachutes to see it in action. Take a look at our photos and videos!


Tuesday, 8 December 2020


 This week we have been learning about electricity! We learned all about how electricity travels through a circuit using conductors. We even made a simple circuit using a light bulb, metal wires and a battery. Take a look ...

We then used our light bulbs to make our Christmas trees glow!

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Science Week 2020


Science week in 2nd class

Science week took place from the 8th -15th November. In our class we had lots of fun! Every day we had a different science challenge to do in our groups. The challenges were to discuss the criteria and design a plan to create

1.    A bird’s nest to keep a bird’s egg safe and warm. (Living things)

2.   A fidget spinner that must spin freely when you hold the centre. (Energy and forces)

3.    A house on stilts that could survive a flood. (Materials)

4.   A mini-beast hunt. (Living things)

We also had science to do for homework!

We had 2 challenges. Take a look and see what happened!